Getting Started

First: To locate the nearest race city to you, simple click on the yellow map of the United States Located on our home page.  When it begins to flash, click on your state.  Here you will find a list of race cities in your state.  Click on the race city closest to you.  You will find the race director's contact information.  Our online store front has all the information you need to order racing kits and parts.  Our rule book can be downloaded for your review.

Second: Contact your local Derby director for information on racing in your area and to find information on construction clinics and other programs that may be of assistance to you.

Third: Decide which type of car you wish to build. Your local derby director will be able to help you with this information. You also may want to look for a sponsor to help underwrite the cost of your racer. You will normally need to purchase a car kit and a set of Z-Glas racing wheels. All kits and parts for Soap Box Derby racing must be purchased through the All-American Soap Box Derby.

Fourth: Read the official plans and build your car exactly as the instructions indicate. Plan to attend construction clinics if they are available in your area. These clinics are intended to help you understand the regulations and guide you in building a safe and competitive car.

Finally: In addition to racing in your local race, you may participate in rally races as well. You will gain experience and with each trip down the hill, build the bond between driver and parent/guardian, and make new friends along the way.


Stock Division: The Stock division is for racers age 7-13 years old. Stock cars can accommodate a racer up to (Approximately) 5'3" tall and 125 pounds. The Stock car, a lean-forward design, is sold as a kit which includes everything needed for racing with the exception of Z-Glas racing wheels and weights. Because painting is not permitted on the Stock car shell, drivers have their choice of purchasing one of three colored shells: red, blue or white. Builders should allow 4-6 hours to assemble their Stock division car.

Super Stock Division: The Super Stock division is designed for racers age 9-18 years old. Super Stock cars can accommodate a larger racer up to (Approximately) 6'0" tall and 150 pounds. The Super Stock, a lean-forward designed car, is also sold as a kit which includes everything needed for racing with the exception of Z-Glas racing wheels and weights. Builders should allow 4-6 hours to assemble their Super Stock division car.

Masters Division: The Masters division (also known as Scottie) is for racers age 10-20 years old and is driven by the more experienced drivers. Masters cars can accommodate a child up to (Approximately) 6'0" tall and 160 pounds. Because of the lay-down (enclosed) design of the Masters car, small drivers are also competitive in this division.

Have a fun building experience and good luck!